Saturday, September 2, 2017

Galley Stoves

Some pictures of my galley stoves. There is a Camp Chef two burner stove with a small oven, which can run on disposable propane cylinders or I have a converter hose to go to a 20 lb tank under one of the cockpit seats.
I put a space under the Camp Chef for a drawer, which will bring the height up to be flush with the counter top.

You can see the side of my protective bar, made from a pulpit from an old sailboat, and bent to shape. I was paranoid about stumbling into a hot stove when a rogue wave hit.  
 Here is the Hobbit Stove showing the door open and the protective cage
And here it is as seen from the dinette, i angled the stove so I can watch the flame while relaxing in the saloon.