Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some Paint

 After the last few months where various outside tasks, a trip to Hawaii, and a chance to crew on a friends sailboat during some races on a local lake, I am back at work boat building. I decided to paint some of the areas that were already finished otherwise
The storage area under the front bunk has a bunch of small pieces that will enable the hot air from  the stove area to be circulated around the cabin.
Here is a detail of the shelves on the starboard side  of the bunk. I am gluing in some bits of wood to prevent the cover from collapsing inward when leaned on.
Here is a shot of the paint (actually stain) that I am using. I am using an exterior stain so hopefully it will deal with any moisture without any problems.
As a side note, my painting skills are more of "Fence Painter" then they are of "Glossy High Dollar Boat Painter", as I am using a brush, and seem to consistently err on the side of more paint then less. Also, I am painting over rough building plywood, that I have done very minimal sanding to. As long as there are no slivers and the wood is sealed, it meets my requirements.
One day I may go back and refinish those areas that are visible, after I get the boat sailing and have a chance to laze around and critique the job, but I suspect that will be a few years off yet.