Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Plan

Last week in the Kwoon, the subject of Zombies and how to survive their attacks came up, including some possible fight scenes of the possible attacks. Now this was all in good fun, but one person stated that they would “just die” in that scenario. I quickly pointed out that this would be offering up their children as zombie snacks (they are cute and tasty looking kids) and the opinion changed. The presence of the children took the “just die” option off the table, so this means as parents they would have to do their best to survive. Many of the leading disaster relief agencies have put on tongue in cheek “Zombie  Awareness Drills”, because the skills and resources required to survive such an attack are the same as for most any other emergency.
So, other that cool fight choreography, what does this have to with Kung Fu? The simple answer is do you want to be part of the problem or the solution?
A trained martial artist is a powerful force, which can be used for good or evil, and depending on the viewpoint, what is good for one person can be evil to another. Using you skills to protect and get food for your children is generally good, unless you take from someone else, then they will see you as evil. If your family is safe and fed, then those same skills can be used for good, protecting the weak from wanna-be warlords, ensuring fair distribution of aid then you are a more universal force of good.
As a group of martial artists, we have a lot going for us. We can and have worked as a group, we are basically impossible to disarm, even if our physical weapons are removed, and will still have empathy for the less fortunate.
Right now, the supply system is working, and all you need for your physical health is available at a store near you, and anything you buy will be restocked tomorrow, so others are not deprived because of what you do. In a disaster, whatever it is, the stores are normally stripped bare in hours, and the resupply trucks are slow in coming. Go and get what you might need now, and if something bad happens, your family will be safe and fed at home, you can go and help others, instead of being a burden on overworked relief agencies.  Think of it as your Zombie Apocalypse Insurance Plan, since the closest that zombies come to mindful eating is “Brainzzzz”

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  1. Nice post. And great points... I obviously haven't put enough thought into this and need to get a plan developed! Thanks...