Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Cane Form

As the only Kung Fu related subject I can think of at the moment, here is a description of my cane form/application, with some of my thought processes. At the time of this writing, two out of three of my attackers are “lady thugs”
Walking out towards audience, there are 3 “thugs” leaning against a wall on my right.
The center thug pulls a knife and approaches threatening me. (Idea: have opponent say “give me your money”?) The cane is brought up in my right hand, circling the tip to maintain distance from the thug while retreating. Once separated from her friends, raise the cane to a horizontal two handed block. Provide a false opening under the block by raising it to head height. When the knife attack comes, step back with my left leg (protecting the heart) and hook the knife hand with the cane held in the left hand, simultaneously striking out with a right hand palm heel block, knocking this attacker off balance. Quickly reach down with the hook of the cane and catch, and then pull the ankle to drop the attacker. I step forward and drive the tip of the cane downward into their solar plexus (application:  opponent rolls on their side, strike the ground at the center of their body)
At this time, the other thugs prepare to attack. One comes in from the front and the other has circled to behind me.
A quick “pool cue” strike to the stomach of the closest (front) attacker, winding them, to buy time to deal with the one approaching from behind.
I turn 180, cane sweeping overhead in an arc, and deflect the knife hand of the third attacker, then cat leap to her now closed off side and strike her forearm to make her drop the knife. Next, poke her in the stomach to wind her, so that she staggers back, slightly bent over, and then I follow, wrapping the cane behind her neck. A hip throw with 180 degree turn (snapping of her neck, for the application let go with one hand to allow a break fall), facing the last remaining attacker (previously poked but by now recovered).
The cane is being held vertically at this point, sweep it across the body left to right, intercepting and dislodging the incoming knife. The opponent clutches hand in pain, and is slightly bent forward cradling the injured hand/wrist. I then step back, allowing the cane to drop into a large vertical circle, with a two handed downward strike to the back of the final opponent. (Application note: pull the blow at a diagonal so the cane just brushes the side of the back, with just enough force that the opponent can feel the strike, and then react by falling to the ground in a forward break fall)
At this time all opponents are either laying on the ground or are crawling off in agony.
Politely walk off the stage.
I hope that this has translated from the movie in my mind to the written word, and will allow insight into what I am trying to do up on stage.
Dennis Donohue

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