Monday, August 12, 2013

Mud Hero Rocks

This past weekend we had an awesome experience, I was part of a team that participated in Mud Hero, a 6km (with what felt like 2kms vertical traversed as part of that) obstacle course. True to my motto, I sacrificed speed for maximum time in the mud, and staying with other members so that no one would be left behind. We had a large portion of the most active Silent River I Ho Chuan members (8), and a fair number of past members of the team as well, plus a few more affiliated members from the school, 17 in total, plus another 8 that were not old enough to run. A great time was had by all, many of us camped at Gull Lake before and after, for many good memories. The only thing missing was the other I Ho Chuan members who were unable to run showing up to cheer us on or post encouragement, as we crawled through the final mud pit by the finish line. This was a SRKF event, and we have the shirts to prove it. This was a true team  effort and I would like to personally thank Sihing Lowery and Sihing Csilliag for organizing the team sign up, and convincing me that I could actually do this race. You Rock!
Dennis Donohue

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  1. The fact that people are already talking about next year shows it was a fun (and worthwhile) weekend.