Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26 2016 Sailboat Update

December 26 2016 Sailboat Update
One year ago, I had the double layer base put together, and the bulkheads assembled

By request I am adding a picture of the floor insulation and framing. The edge has a 2x4 on edge, then half a 2x4 (ripped lengthwise) as a nailer. there are 2x4's (all 2x material is cedar) under each bulkhead, and under each seam in the plywood. Note that Dave Z does not insulate his floor this way, but I hate cold feet, so made the sandwich bottom.

Today, 26 December 2016, I am working on the hatch coamings and assembling the first layer of the main cabin roof.

A jig to control where the router could cut

Here is one of the carlines (I had to look up the correct name) notched into a slot cut into the bulkhead beam. There is a notch cut into the top inside edge, where a sliding screen will go to keep out bugs when the hatch is open. The larger slot below it is to hold a ladder,  which will double as security bars when in the stowed position.

Hatch coaming being glued up on cross beam (carline).

Here are handrails for the interior under construction, as per Dave Z's instruction. These ones are made from cedar sold as deck planks, actual measurements 1" thick by 5 3/8" high

 Handrails installed and being glued up. The top 1x4 will hide the seam in the plywood roof.

I have also been cutting and fitting the plywood that will become the galley floor. Here you can see the two 50 gallon fresh water tanks, and the piece of Form-ply plywood, which is removable to access storage between the tanks.
Here the floor pieces are in place, with the shower pan just in the foreground. The bar fridge will be flipped on it's back and super insulated, directly above where it is sitting now. Before gluing any of these parts, I need to paint under the tanks and shower pan, then cut in the clean out hatches into the tanks, and the matching holes in the plywood to reach those hatches.

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