Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Arch-Druid Energy Contest

The following press release is part of ArchDruid Greers competition on completely reasonable energy sources that can easily power civilization to an eternally enduring  future among the stars

For accredited investors only, this investment opportunity is for those high net worth individuals that are not legally obligated to follow SCC rules.

Today, Lockheed-Martin and Monsanto corporation announce their joint venture limited liability corporation, Space Tree Elevator and Power corp. The scientists at STEP have bio-engineered GMO spiders that can spin carbon fibre webs, and Lockheed-Martin has contributed patented nanobot  weaving technology originally designed to produce bullet proof stealth aircraft armour into new honeycomb sandwich load bearing tubes. These tubes will be woven into a 22,000 foot high structure reaching into geo-synchronous orbit.

The structure will form a number of spacious tubes from the sea floor just off an undisclosed equatorial country to orbit, and provide for a electric elevator to easily transport construction material into space. At the orbital end of the structure, large mirrors made of Mylar, each several kilometres across, will direct sunlight down similar tubes lined with a mirror finish, and boil seawater at the base of the structure. The resulting steam will be fed through turbo-generators to generate electricity, and the waste steam will be directed up more tubes to high altitude where it will be condensed into pure water. This water will flow back down to more hydro turbines, before being captured and sold to those areas needing drinking water. Valves will be designed to regulate the flow so that power is available 24/7.

The mirrors will be able to be independently aimed, enabling defence of the structure against foreign control, and the ability to enhance sunlight levels on terrestrial targets to conditions that prevent human encroachment or interference.

Initial profits will come from carbon capture grants from various governments, due to the amount of carbon that will be incorporated in the carbon fibre structure, then once the space elevator is functioning, from ongoing tariffs on transported freight, and power and water sales inherent in the design. A series of these towers will be built around the equator, to provide ideal communications platforms with serviceable electronic bays.

Future plans will include superconducting heat pipes to transport excess heat from the tropics out to space, and the corresponding grants from those governments interested in combating global warming.  

Minimum initial investment is US$ 10,000,000. Once regime change has been completed it the target country, existing reserves in the national treasury will be accounted for and an additional US$ 15,000,000 to US$ 20,000,000 will be required. Complimentary senior military ranks and or knighthoods will be bestowed as requested.


  1. I'm not sure whether to be creeped out or inspired by this science fiction vision.

  2. This was for a tongue-in-cheek contest on who could write the most extreme press release