Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Help with jet boat exhaust

Above is a picture of the transom exhaust that came with my Berkley jet and engine. I am looking for help finding the portion that is designed to go through the transom and connect the pictured rubber fittings with the exhaust hose. Also in the picture is one of two ball valves attached to the cooling water feed into the the log. Where are they normally plumbed to? They are connected to a tee and with the valve wide open, would starve the log of cooling water.


  1. Dennis,
    Love the Triloboat. I am just beginning a build on the T24x8. Do you happen to have any images of hull framing prior to covering with the deck? I am debating which dimensional lumber to use and what spacing to go with. Looking good!

    1. I have lots of pictures of every stage of the build, I have one that I think shows what you want. I will add the picture to my latest post, 2016 update. Basically edge framing, and middle pieces aligned to where the plywood sections meet, which were adjusted so that the seams were hidden under furniture frames.