Monday, February 15, 2016

Stringers and stuff to Feb 15 2016

Stringers, Feb 2016

Previously, I installed 1.5" insulation in the floor, with 2X4 stringers reinforcing the insulation where the bulkheads cross and furniture edges are to be installed. The plywood was cut so that the seams would be hidden under furniture edges. Here is a picture with the insulation dry fit, it was glued in with Gorilla glue  with a layer of 1/2 inch ply on top. The bulkheads were then screwed and glued to the floor, with temporary braces across the top to hold everything square.

This weekends accomplishment was to install stringers made from two 2x6 planks scarfed together for a total length of twenty five feet on one side, and twenty three and change on the other side ( the side door is located at the end of the starboard one).

Starting with a picture of my scarfing jig, which is a 8:1 slope on some scrap plywood, and a piece of plexiglass that replaces the factory base on my router. An ideal plexi base would be a couple of inches wider, as I have to turn the router at an angle so it doesn't slip off the guides.
Completed scarf prior to glue up

I put short pieces of 2X6 on the sides of the bulkheads, to hold the main stringer, and to act as a nailing surface for the inside plywood pieces.

The size and height of the stringer has been chosen so that the joint in the outside plywood layer, the top of the outside reinforcing plywood, the rub/guard rail, the main level of interior furniture and interior plywood all attach to it.

I noticed that Dave Zeiger has added me to his sidebar, thank you Dave! How many other triloboats are under construction out there?

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  1. Thank YOU, Dennis!

    Amazing to see what a real carpenter can accomplish. Nice scarfing jig, and your joints came together beautifully at the nailers! That part took us a few... um... adjustments. 8)

    Dave Z