Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saloon puzzle

Here is the completed picture of the saloon with the settee pulled in and the dinette folded down. After I took this picture I rounded some corners. Still to come is the lean back storage, and of course the walls and windows.
And here is a detail of the table leg in the down position, with the added plywood bits

 And here is the same leg in the upright position
Hopefully I have the photo editing figured out, and you can make sense of what I was trying to do here


  1. Hey, I can begin to see now what you have in mind. Interesting.

    Curious -- after being all moved into the boat, if you wanted to implement that "basketball court" feature, how much junk would you have to move off of normal furniture / floors or relocate to get it done?

  2. Very little would actually have to move, as the normal storage is unaffected. Accessing of the under-settee storage compartment is compromised, but doable. In some ways, you gain storage, as the area under the table and companionway is gained, at the expense of headroom. Note, as the table does not have fiddles, I assume that nothing of significance is stored on top of the table. I am building an upper support for the table that will include an area for salt/pepper etc. and will have fiddles.

  3. I'm sorry that I haven't been back here to check your progress until now Dennis. Too wrapped up in myself and shame on me! One thing I've noticed is your workmanship - it's really nice. Have you made any drawings at all?

  4. I started with lots of drawings, but have been doing a lot of improvising as I go along. Nothing like seeing the parts at 100%, then seeing what needs to be done from there.