Sunday, June 5, 2016

More table details, June 5 2016

Here are some more details on the table top
 Here is the support mounted on the wall
Table installed
Close up of support with table inserted. I wanted the small storage area with fiddles to hold water glasses,,salt and pepper, and other stuff that is handy to have at the table. The other point is that it pushes the table a bit out into the aisle, so it looks right on the leg (if flush to the wall, the leg would stick out past the edge of the table)


  1. Yes, it makes down to a 35" by 6'6" bed, the settee across from it makes out into a 24" wide bed, or the entire area can be made into a 7'x6'6" area.

  2. What are you planning for upholstery, interior finish (paint or natural and what types)? It's looking good!

  3. I am planning on something similar to Dave's finish. White paint on the plywood, and something clear on the cedar. I will have some sort of fabric on the upholstery, but I need to learn how to sew first, although when I had the cushions on my RV repaired, I took the foam into a local shop and they did a very nice job at a reasonable price on them.