Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Competitive Blogging

When I was told that weekly blogging was a requirement of I Ho Chuan, I thought, hey no problem, I never missed a week in the fight club blog, this isn’t that different.  However, the reminder to the Dragon team that they need to keep up to date with their blogging got me thinking. One of the big differences is feedback. With Fight Club, there was immediate feedback from your competition, and a ruling by the Sifu in charge on whose was best. Sometimes blogging with I Ho Chuan feels like blogging into the Void, does anybody even read this thing? I know that when somebody comments, either in the official comments or verbally, that the feedback means a lot to my motivation to continue. So if you like feedback, give feedback. I will try and make a point of letting people know that I read their blogs, as I know that I appreciate feedback. The next problem is that I have not figured out how to score these things so that we can get some competitive action going, any suggestions?


  1. hmm....score by words?Content? Sarcasm?:)

  2. I read these! Its one thing I look forward to when I'm at work!

    Sifu Rybak

  3. I also look forward to reading the blogs and I agree, the comments are motivating. Then again, so is chocolate. :)