Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Druids,Sprints and Marathons

Today’s post by Arch Druid John Michael Greer, at, challenged his readers to get up from the computer, and lower the thermostat by 3 degrees. Not because it would make a huge difference in the world, but because they would be doing something tangible and constructive, whereas all the talk in the world would just make you look like a hypocrite without that action. Kung Fu is similar in that talk without action will get a similar lack of respect, but how do you know which way to turn your personal thermostat? If you approach a year of I Ho Chuan as a sprint to the finish line, jumping through hoops along the way, and a beach chair, margarita and a life of leisure the reward at the end, then you would probably have the furnace at full roar, damm the torpedoes (injuries) or the final cost.  If however you are into practicing for the marathon of life, and I Ho Chuan is a training session with some of the best coaches around for this lap around the sun, pacing yourself wisely is the order of the day. I am trying to create my 2013 goals such that I develop a good steady cadence that will enable me to finish in style, still going strong many laps down the track of life.

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