Sunday, March 31, 2013

Forms, houses and space

I was working on my (self developed) cane form, trying to work out some minor inconsistencies and how that was affecting the related footwork, when I had a realization. I am modifying the form so that it fits in my exercise space, as I am overly concerned with hitting walls, glass things and assorted house plants, rather than what the form should flow like.  I then go to the Kwoon, and promptly adjust it to the space available there. Now, overall, this awareness of my surroundings, and an understanding of the variations I am making is a good thing. I have in my mind the ideal space, such as when I eventually do this in a cleared space in front of judges. My form is a Tee shaped form, about 10’ long and 10’ wide. I can modify it so that it fits in about 6’ by 8’, if required, but it feels cramped in that little space.  With this awareness, I am adjusting how I practice the form (am I moving this way for a logical reason other than not smashing the front window?) and practicing the form in segments that make sense in the allotted space. Next Friday night, this will aid me in that it is easier to find a 10’ by 3’ corridor, then a 10 by 10 square, and share that space with others.  If I am working in a defined area, transient Sifus, and other people with their weapons, will be able to predict where I will be and I will be able to predict when they will be in my space. Hopefully this will help others in how and where they practice as well
Also, I have completed and mailed in Part B of my master electrician prep course to NAIT. Now I will wait to see how I did, and figure out the mistakes, then off to write the government exams (Date TBD)
Dennis Donohue

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