Monday, March 18, 2013

Late Blog

I normally blog on Sunday, but this Sunday life interfered, and by the time I did my homework, plowed snow and gave worms and worm poop to our guests, it was past bedtime. I have made it to all my Kung Fu classes, but most of my extra time has been spent doing homework. The course that the homework is for (Master Electrician) is one of my personal I Ho Chuan goals, so I am working on my Kung Fu, just at a single facet of it, mostly due to the end of the month deadline.

Edit: Although our guests came over specifically for worms and worm poop, the worms & poop  were for their own OMG course, which is a part of their I Ho Chuan goals. No worms were sacrificed for supper, although the proper way to prepare them was discussed. Wine and pizza was considered a much better choice for supper by all in attendance, and the worms made it safely to their new home.


  1. Can you kindly explain "gave worms and worm poop to our guests"? PLEASE!!!

  2. Too Cute. But now you must disclose the "proper" way to prepare worms for dinner for guests. ;-)